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Logo_AromaSystemSince 1988 Aroma System S.r.l. manufactures one-way degassing valves capable of restoring the correct pressure inside sealed flexible bags when the product packed is recently roasted coffee.
The valve may be fitted by means of specific devices in any ICA line, on bags containing coffee beans – mod.ASV10 – and ground coffee – mod.ASF15 and mod. ASTC. The thickness of the ASTC valve is what makes it different from the ASV10 – ASF15 valves and enables to use it also with other fitting devices.

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API is a company specialized in the production of thermoplastic elastomeric compounds and bioplastics.
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logo_IPCBThe Institute for Polymers, Composites and Biomaterials (IPCB-CNR),  recently established by merging two Institutes with internationally recognized skills on polymer based materials and composites, the former Institute for Polymer Chemistry and Technology (ICTP), and the former Institute for Composite and Biomedical Materials (IMCB). IPCB-CNR depends on the Department of Chemical Science and Materials Technology of CNR.

The permanent staff of IPCB-CNR is constituted by about 50 researchers and 30 technicians/administrative officers. Moreover, the Institute hosts students and postdoctoral temporary researchers. Main research activities of IPCB are focused on: synthesis, chemical modification and characterization of polymer based materials; development of composite and nanocomposite materials with structural and programmed functional properties; new materials and technologies for the conservation of cultural heritage; processing and technologies of polymers of natural synthesis, composites and nanostructures materials; multiphasic polymeric materials and composites for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. The advanced level reached on the basic knowledge, has allowed the successful applications in the following fields: Cultural Heritage; Food; Environment; Biomolecules, macromolecules and pharmaceuticals.

Researchers of IPCB-CNR have participated to several projects cofounded by the EC, where the former ICTP and IMCB have acted either as a coordinator either as a partner. The research capabilities of IPCB-CNR are fully demonstrated by the large and high quality scientific production (more than 250 scientific papers published in the last 3 years on international journals, and a wide patent portfolio).

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20151020 - Logo TOV

The University of Rome Tor Vergata was set up in 1982. The campus is located in the South-East area of Rome and the level of scientific, technological and cultural activity of the University has granted its international recognition. In particular, the Department of Enterprise Engineering is strictly linked to SMEs and it is able to offer specific services to enterprises according to the project objectives.

It also carries out tasks of planning, management and control of systems and processes through new methods and techniques of managerial, organizational and economic analysis in a vision that ensures the consistency of the technological choices with the business strategies.

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